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The Social Gaming Market Dynamics

by egoten

Would you consider spending money to purchase a speeding device for your virtual farm or even try to fertilize your next-door buddy’s roses? This might sound as a strange question to many, but if we were to ask you the same question a few years back, you probably would have laughed your heart out. However, today things have changed. This forms one of the biggest social gaming dynamics in today’s social gaming industry.

Times have changed. Gaming no longer means video games or play stations. What looms large today is the social gaming market that has gone beyond 200 million people playing games on Facebook or any other social media portal. Market analysts estimate that revenues that are generated from advertisements and other virtual items will increase in the coming years. Today this industry has already started generating significant revenues—estimated at about $ 5 billion in 2011—and holds great promise for the future as the social e-commerce market.

With more and more individuals getting involved with social games, there is more time and money that is being invested, and over a span of time, the revenue channel is deepening. However, simple as it appears, understanding social gaming metrics is not that easy. It requires a basic idea of social intelligence and other metrics.

In order to understand the social gaming market better it is imperative that social gaming enterprises have regular access to data analytics and other social media analytics tools.  It is essential that they consistently monitor and analyze the social activity of users through wall posts, profile updates, viral invites and the like.

Innovative service providers have come up with tools or solutions that help you to measure the social game metrics. Some of their features include:

Offering real-time social gaming analytics seamlessly

Tools to present users with gaming-specific actionable insights that are accessible to marketers and developers to enable them to increase engagement, enhance retention, broaden reach, and maximize revenues

Tools to assist in arriving to the root solution fast with certain drill–down analysis tools

Automation tools to provide the metrics allowing lean teams to impact goals with minimal effort.

Service providers of social gaming tools also offer social intelligence applications that help in tracking down data across several social platforms and help to estimate the customer behavior and develop social gaming strategies.

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Ubisoft is teasing a new game. The teaser image shows a cave man with a bow and a spear, is this a new game or an existing IP. We’re leaning towards existing IP, more specifically, Far Cry.

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Technology In Music

If you will observe your surroundings, many people are engage with different high technology gadgets and most of the time people tend to use these gadgets in every day of their lives. Technology changes a lot, which is why people should be aware of the latest trend in technology today.

We all know that many of us do love listening in music and a lot of time, before we use to have phonograph cylinder as medium in playing our favorite music and after some years they have developed cassette tape where they also started broadcasting musing on the radio.

Years have passed and technologies have develop the medium where we can enjoy listening to music in a better way, this is the time when digital age have conquered music industry and have use compact disc to play music in its convenient way, unlike with cassette tape, we have to scan every music that is recorded on the tape if we are looking for a specific music that we like to listen. And with compact disc we can easily pick and play music that we like as long as we pick the track number on the disc.

But changes never stop with compact disc, and in using the digital technology they have come up with a better way to compile music in to a more exciting way. Today there different way where we can listen music, there are lots of audio file being made today, this is usually being use to improve the quality of the audio and also required to different media being use to play music. But as of today, mp3 is the most known audio file that we used to have in our computer, music player and other electronic gadget. There are also programs being made to convert different audio file in the kind of file that you want in able for you to play music.

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Car Gps Unit

If you are shopping for a car GPS unit, it is important that you know what to look for. There are many different brands and models to choose from, so you need to be able to compare the devices in order to get the best one for your needs. Read on to learn what comparisons to make when browsing for GPS systems.

Look into how easy a GPS system is to use before deciding on whether or not to purchase it. You do not want an item that is difficult to configure. As you are going down the road, you need something simple that you can refer to in order to stay on the right path to your destination. Verbal commands are very helpful, as they eliminate the need to take your eyes and concentration off the road. A screen size that is easily readable from your position in your seat is also ideal.

The accuracy of the maps and routes is vital to make your car GPS unit worth the price you paid for it. If the device leads you in the wrong direction and causes you to become lost, it was basically a worthless investment. Make sure that the system you purchase is up to date as possible. Many devices become outdated after one to two years. You can always check for an update at a later date when needing to travel to an unfamiliar area.

Make sure the GPS systems you are considering have the maps for the areas you will travel to most. Most systems sold in the USA will have, at minimum, map coverage for the primary 48 states. Others will include Alaska and Hawaii, as well as other territories including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. You may have to get a system specific to the country you will be using it in if it is other than the United States.

You will want to compare the calculation speeds of the systems, and choose the car GPS unit that offers the fastest times. If you miss a turn on your route, you want a device that can quickly recalculate so that you can get back to traveling in the right direction. Systems that are slow can take up to 20 seconds to give you a new route. During that time, you could possibly miss other turns or routes that the system was going to provide you as you keep driving.

As you can see, there is a great deal of features to look for when comparing GPS systems. You want to be sure you choose one that will be worth the money and will fit your needs well. Top of the line models aren’t necessarily needed, but you do want to make sure you get a solid car GPS unit that can get you from point A to point B easily.

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Fashion Icon


The retro style has once again caused a new trend in the fashion world. You may notice various types of the retro elements appearing in the fashion shows and on the red carpet. A batch of fashion icons have caught this trend and played quite well with retro style. Among them, Kate Moss, one of the world top models, once again caught the public’s attention with her new style.
What Kate Moss has brought into the public’s view are the stylish leather bags. In accordance with the retro style, the whole designs of the leather bags seem to become much more elegant and chic.
As we all know that the leather bags are always the fashion world’s favorites. Compared to bags made of other raw materials, the leather bags are more sophisticate and wearable. Every detail in a leather bag can be designed, such as the buttons, belts and pockets. Looking back to the history of fashion, you may find out that the most representative products of the famous brands, such as Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, are almost all leather bags. Of course you can say that it is the reputation of these famous bands contributes to the popularity of the leather bags. But it can be understood from the opposite side as well. The high quality and stylish leather bags help to keep the brands’ reputation in return.
Anyway, these leather bags are big hit this season. Stepping out of the fashion world, we can also see millions of ordinary people, career women, housewives, college students, carry the leather bags with them. These people probably focus less on the style of the leather bags than the fashion icons. To them, leather bags are more useful than other ones.
In the aggregate, leather bags have long become the busy guests in people’s life. And now, once the leather bags combine with the retro elements, what do you think will happen? They are perfect match and perfect match will be loved by everyone. I cannot say that I have seen the traces of the leather bags in every place, but, they do become the regular guests in many a fashion show and become the fashion icons and ordinary ones’ favorite.
Observe with your own eyes. Surely, you will notice the same situation. Don’t you feel the itch to get your own retro leather bags and become the street star? Fashion is an attitude of running before the others. Don’t lag behind, because you are the fashion icon today!

I have written the content about fashion, women apparels and relationship in the last 3 years. You can read more about how to become a chic gal at

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Better Gaming with the Microsoft XBOX


When the Microsoft XBOXentered the market, it completely changed the face of the video gaming industry and took gaming products to a whole new level. Sony took a whole year to come up with their competitor and by then XBOX had already made a mark for itself. A large variety of changes have made the XBOX 360 several steps better than the first console that hit the market.

Unlike the previous one this device can be laid vertically as well as horizontally and provides convenience for gamers. What makes this version of the console truly stand out is its internal computing that provides exceptional speed and performance. It comprises of 3 processing cores which run at 3.2 GHZ each and make the device almost lighting fast. The device has been programmed to provide exceptional HD graphics and gaming companies ensure that their games make the most of this feature.

If you get tired of gaming and need a break you can always watch a DVD movie thanks to the spectacular DVD capability of the console. Yet another enviable aspect of the console is the XBOX Live feature. While this feature was present in the first console, it has become even more enhanced in the latest one. The base membership allows users to create a profile, add friends using their gamer cards and play combined games. Communication can also be done outside of a game using video or voice chat.

The box pack consists of only a single wireless controller. Users can add additional XBOX controllers in order to use the console for multi-player gaming. Various sports based games usually require multi-player in order to enhance the gaming experience.

Microsoft also came out with a limited edition XBOX green controller which is a must-have for avid Xbox fans and gamers. The library of games for the Xbox is growing daily and gamers can also use the games that were meant for the original Xbox as they are compatible. While buying accessories for your console make sure you go for original ones that are made specifically for your device in order to maintain the user experience.

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Avengers Movie Background

In September, 1963, Marvel reigned over the western world by releasing the comic-series: Avengers #1, created by Stan Lee personally. This particular counteraction to DC Comic’s effective Justice League of America consists of the very best, most robust and extraordinary heroes the earth has seen. Several heroes have joined and dropped from the core Avengers team, yet today, as the Avengers illuminate the silver screen and enter the theatres, the 2012 Avengers power team consists of Nick Fury, Captain America, Thor, IronMan, Black Widow, Hawkeye and The Incredible Hulk.
The Avengers have received the title of ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ which is undoubtedly one that is certainly well deserved, legendary for preventing the dangers within the World that are too strong for a single superhero. This continuously revolving team is planned to exhibit their power in theatres in April 2012.
The tales of Ironman, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America, as well as the motion pictures that portray those accounts were published in a very particular order in recent years to build up the storyline of the following imminent action picture. The tale from the Asgardian king, Thor, links right to the primary storyline of The Avengers motion picture because the main foe is his brother, Loki. Thor’s story and film finishes with a cliffhanger with Loki dropping in to the depths of the Galaxy subsequent to planning against his father, Odin. Although, the teaser video right after the credits offers a sneak peak about what is to can be found in the Avengers; more importantly showing Loki as alive, cunning and advantageous on the planet Earth.
During this 2012 production, Loki and his followers are becoming a menace to national security and Nick Fury has recently been hired to lead S.H.I.E.L.D or Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. Nick Fury and his law-enforcement organization have enrolled the superheroes and so are getting ready for full-scale warfare.
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Thank you for checking out my articles. Please keep checking back often as I will be posting more and more articles very soon. Be sure to check out my site for some insane Thor Pictures.

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All about Gaming Forums

Gaming is one of the passions developing within each and every individual. These individuals play games via consoles, personal computers, mobiles, I Pads etc. Because of all these options the gaming industry has grown rapidly in past few years. Thousands of games are getting released every year for each and every mode. To keep the market stable and maintain a healthy completion among the developers, Gaming Forums were created.

Gaming forums gives a brief idea on what games. You can get reviews and previews of games that are released or going to be release in near feature. These reviews and previews are written by the people who have taken their efforts to know about the games. These reviews and previews give you a whole idea on what the games is actually about. There will be a story line, about characters, bosses etc. These help gamers to know where to spend their money and were not.

It doesn’t end here; Gaming forums allows you to start a thread in other words a discussion. You can write anything that you like about your favourite games, consoles etc. But avoid using provocative languages as these forums keeps on moderating so that all the users hold on to the rules and regulations. These forums are the best place to find walkthroughs, cheat codes, strategy guide etc. You can even update yours if you have one.

Gaming forums are quite easy when it comes in terms of using. This is because different sections are created according the consoles. Suppose if you have Microsoft Xbox then you can straight away click on Xbox where you’ll find all the games that can be played on this console. This saves a whole lot of time and energy for the user. These forums come for multiple uses. For example, you can listen to music, watch videos etc. These forums do not support piracy, so you won’t be able to download all these stuffs or get a link from where you can. Gaming Forums gives you a whole picture of the gaming industry. It creates fair competitions among the game makers as well as allows gamers to find what they are looking for when it comes to gaming.

Gaming Forums are the number one portal for finding out the best discussions. Gaming Forums related contests are available here.

Music and Your Dog

In an effort to learn more about the eco-friendly canine lifestyle, I’ve been reading Green Dog, Good Dog by Dominique De Vito. The book has plenty of great tips for reducing your dog’s carbon paw print, and one of the sections that particularly got my attention was the one about the benefits of leaving music on for your dog while you’re not at home.

Radio for your dog?

I have always thought it was a good idea to leave the radio on for my dogs when I went to work, not only to soothe them but also to mask any outside noises that could frighten or excite them. Still, does leaving the radio on really help my dogs? Are they less stressed when music is present?

In Green Dog, Good Dog, a Dr. Gerald Buchoff shares his opinion and says that leaving the television or radio on for one’s dogs is a wasteful activity and probably no more entertaining for them than looking out the window. If you’re going to leave music on, however, the book recommends playing harp music which is especially soothing.

Heavy metal or more classical

I did some further research and found that there have been studies about the effect of music on canine behavior. Deborah Wells, an animal behaviorist from Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, and her team conducted a study at an animal shelter. After playing Vivaldi, Grieg, and other classical music to 50 dogs, the animals became calm and lied down.

On the other hand, when the researchers exposed the dogs to Metallica and other heavy metal songs, the dogs became agitated and started barking. Pop music and radio talk shows, meanwhile, barely had an effect.

In addition, a United Kingdom study published in the journal Animal Welfare found that shelter animals are significantly more relaxed when classical music is being played.

Teikyo University of Science’s Department of Animal Science developed its own ultimate canine relaxation music formula, spending 18 months on the project. Researchers found that classical music, combined with specific ambience sounds such as human conversation, dog barking, and crow’s crow, is the most effective sound for putting canines at ease.


“Porch Potty – A Dog Owner’s Dream Come True,”

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